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Financial Graphs

Development Programs

CreteSupplies undertakes feasibility studies through development projects. We are able to carry out any study regarding all professional branches, in order to achieve your grant.

Through the current support framework ESPA, but also the New Development Law, we find on your behalf the business program that suits you, in order to guide and prepare your business proposal.

Image by Guillaume Périgois
  • Finding and using the best financial tools to boost investments.

  • Development of sustainability studies for the inclusion of investments in the Development Law.

  • Preparation of businesses to support projects through NSRF actions 2014-2020.

  • Management and monitoring of the implementation process of development investment plans & laws and NSRF programs.

Driven by the growth and financial progress of our clients, CreteSupplies and its partners have a remarkable track record of success and are able to complete successful business plans.

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