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Financial Graphs

Financial Services

  • Analysis of Financial Results 

  • Balance sheets

  • Organization of Finance Department Processes Business Reports

  • Tax Coverage

  • P & L (Profit & Loss)

You can choose part of the financial services we offer you, in order to meet the real needs of your business.

​Jump Start
Retail Business

We undertake the entire process of starting a Company and the subsequent financial & accounting monitoring.

​Optimize Retail Business
  • Bookkeeping

  • Analysis of services that have to be done with Public institutions

  • Submission of obligations

  • Results every month with BI tools

  • Telephone support

Tax Relief Services
& Financial Consulting /Taxes

We can meet client complex business challenges with services that transcend business sector boundaries, as well as national boundaries, in collaboration with other member companies.

We serve our clients interests in the best way by incorporating change in a way that benefits us all. This form of cooperation contributes to improve the way tax systems work, meeting the needs of both taxpayers, as well as those who design tax policy.

  • Tax advisory services on various tax subjects

  • Assistance in matters of compliance with applicable tax legislation

  • Tax audits

  • Tax planning


CreteSupplies provides companies with Accounting Support (monthly results, budgeting, daily CashFlow, company valuations, full tax coverage) with specialized first Class consultants and Certified Auditors.

  • Financial Reports

  • Business Reports

  • CashFlows

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